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Switches can receive and forward routed or bridged Ethernet frames with 802.1Q VLAN tags. Typically, trunk ports, which connect switches to each other, accept untagged control packets but do not accept untagged data packets. You can enable a trunk port to accept untagged data packets by configuring a native VLAN ID on the interface on which you want the untagged data packets to be received. The logical interface on which untagged packets are to be received must be configured with the same VLAN ID as the native VLAN ID configured on the physical interface.

To configure the native VLAN ID by using the command-line interface (CLI):

  1. On the interface on which you want untagged data packets to be received, set the interface mode to trunk, which specifies that the interface is in multiple VLANs and can multiplex traffic between different VLANs.:
    [edit interfaces]
    [email protected]# set interface-name unit logical-unit-number family ethernet-switching interface-mode trunk
  2. Configure the native VLAN ID:
    [edit interfaces]
    [email protected]# set interface-name native-vlan-id vlan-id
  3. Specify that the logical interface that will receive the untagged data packets is a member of the native VLAN:
    [edit interfaces]
    [email protected]# set interface-name unit logical-unit-number family ethernet-switching vlan members vlan-id

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