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- Routine Change Definition

Routine Change Definition

For changes that are:

  • Repeated
  • Do not have changes to process between iterations
  • Well documented
  • Approved by multiple engineers
  • History(3 iterations) of success without impact
    • Rollbacks are OK, as long as it was caught by validations and impact was negligible

These changes are defined as ‘Routine Changes’¬†which are¬†fast tracked through any Change process.

  • May/May not need Manager approval
  • No 24 hour wait time to deploy
  • Requires a peer approval for the following reasons
    • History of successful deployments
    • Change payload/configuration has been peer reviewed on the spot
    • Provide detailed change/configuration plan
    • Description contains reasoning on being Routine
      • “Change has been implemented X+ times”

- Routine Change Approval

  • Peer Approval
  • Manager Approval
  • Change Management Approval
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